VicRoads Drive Test Criteria Mythbusters

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There has been much said about the VicRoads drive test throughout the years, but one thing is for certain, unless it is your time to do the test, the information tends to be murky at best. Aligning with a professional instructor whilst learning with a supervisor(if possible) will clear the murky waters and give you guidance on what the criteria is for the test and how to pass it.

Here are some mythbusters about this test based on the VicRoads drive test criteria which is available online (please find link below this article):

Q: Is it an immediate fail if you travel over the speed limit?
A: No, you must be travelling 5km or more over the speed limit for it to be an immediate fail with one exception and that is school zones during school days and times

Q: Must I do a head check all the time?
A: Only if you are lane changing, partially lane changing, diverging, leaving or returning to kerb and entering or crossing a bike lane.

Q: Do I need to check my mirrors all the time?
A: Must check mirrors prior to signalling, braking and frequently whilst traveling straight.

Q: Do I fail if a get beeped from behind?
A: Only if you are taking 5 seconds or more to move off when lights have changed to green or when traffic ahead has moved off and there is no reason for you not to proceed, If there is clear view and you are not moving off for a substantial amount of time after an initial period of observation at intersections, and If you are causing a vehicle to take evasive action due to careless driving on your behalf.

Q: Do I fail if i use a bike lane before turning left?
A: No, you can use the bike lane up to 50 metres prior to a left turn as long as its clear of cyclists.

Q:Is it a fail if I enter an intersection with yellow lights?
A:Yes if it is safer to stop and you choose to drive through. If it is unsafe to stop because you are close to the intersection and travelling at a high speed then it will not be marked as a fail considering the intersection is clear.

Q: Must I lane change when I am asked to if it is not clear or safe to enter another lane?
A: No, you must however make an attempt to lane change by showing your intentions to other drivers with a signal if it legal do to do so.

Q: Can I or can’t I speak to the testing officer during the test?
A: You can ask the VicRoads testing officer clarification on directions however no general chatting during the test and no help given on how to complete driving actions

Q: Are you told in the car if you have passed the test?
A: No, the result for the drive test is given when you are back in the office.

Finding a good source of information about the drive test and finessing your training with a professional instructor is the winning format for passing the VicRoads driving test.

For more information on the VicRoads driving test please review the Drive Test criteria using the link below:…/licences/driving_instructors_drive_test_criteria.ashx