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Michael was fantastic. Total professional who took a complete novice and turned him into a confident driver who passed his Ps on the first try.

Highly recommended.

Rhett Exculpator



I took few lessons with James. He is the best manual instructor and he helped me to pass my test in first attempt. He will teach you not only to pass your test but to drive safely on roads even after your test.

Highly recommended.– Barkha
Savan Brahmbhatt

Hamish was a fantastic instructor who helped me how to drive safely and be smart on the roads, while offering lots of feedback and encouragement in order to make sure that I kept improving.
maddy allen

My name is Nela and I have been taking driving lessons with Davy throughout the last 6 months. Before the first lesson with Davy I knew nothing about cars and driving. On the first lesson Davy made me feel comfortable and safe with the car. I felt as though I knew so much more about the cars and driving just from the first lesson. I enjoyed having driving lessons with Davy because there’s no pressure or stress in the car. Davy constantly teaches you new things and tells you different things about driving that will help you and make you a better driver, which I appreciated so much. I was able to ask many questions and get great answers.
Yesterday, I went for my driving test with Davy and I passed. The lesson before the drive test, helped me to calm down and not stress too much. Davy was supportive and I am very happy that I went for my drive test with an instructor as amazing as Davy is.Regards

Nela Medic