Leaner driver reality checks pre VicRoads drive test

One common denominator for all Victorian learner drivers is the VicRoads drive test. For many, it is a long process beginning from as early as 16 years old and requiring a logbook, for others it can be a much shorter process requiring just enough training to pass the test.

In all cases though, when it comes to the business end of passing the test a reality check is necessary to maximise your chances of getting that positive result and to meet the VicRoads drive test criteria.
The old saying ‘if you can drive, you can drive’ doesn’t always meet the standards required to get that longed for pass. Here are some ways to make certain you are on the right path to passing the VicRoads test:

Get out of your comfort zone by training with a professional if you haven’t already
Learning to drive with a parent, friend or a kind enough supervisor who does not provide professional driver training for a living may be constantly masking your true level of driving ability in regards to meeting the VicRoads drive test criteria. Sitting in the car with a professional instructor will definitely set you on the right path and challenge you in ways you most probably haven’t been challenged in before.

Make sure you practice in and around the VicRoads testing area to familiarise yourself with the test routes with a professional instructor
Practicing as much as possible at the Vicroads centre you wish to do your test at is a must with a driving instructor prior to your drive test. Apart from being test criteria experts, driving instructors have another super power and that is that they all know the VicRoads driving tests, which are set test routes repeated for years and in some cases decades . Unlike supervisors, Victorian driving Instructors are allowed to sit in the tests when providing their cars with a drive test fee to applicants attempting the drive test. VicRoads testing officers conduct the drive test with the comfort of knowing the instructor can keep the driver, passengers and all other road users safe during the process with dual control safety just in case it’s necessary.

Ask for a practice drive test from a professional instructor at the VicRoads testing office you will be choosing
Measuring your driving through a professional instructors eyes who can assess your drive before your test date is a must for any Learner wanting to meet the test criteria and pass it with less stress and more ease. It’s also a great opportunity to experience what test conditions are like as practice tests are generally conducted under strict test conditions with no guidance given from the instructors apart from directions on where to go. At the end of the practice test you should receive an assessment sheet with all the relevant markings and important feedback on how to improve in areas needed and how to go about doing so.

These are some great ways of reaching the ultimate Learner drivers goal, getting a licence to drive solo. However please remember the most vulnerable drivers on our roads are new drivers especially red
P platers’ who multiply their chance of getting into an accident by 30 times in the first 6 months of driving solo. Safety is paramount. Professional driver training combined with supervisor training will help you stay safe way beyond drive test day.