Lauren, Our Driving Instructor in Werribee

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Lauren is our female manual instructor located in the western suburbs. Her experience is extraordinary ranging from learner training to racing car driving. She is a multiple state and national champion in motor vehicle racing and is a true expert when it comes to instructing students on the sweet science of manual car driving. With a true understanding of the dangers of unsafe driving on Melbourne roads, her focus is not only on teaching drivers how to use a manual car safely but more importantly to be safe on the roads abiding all road rules and avoiding dangers with early anticipation of potential hazards on our roads. Delivering training in the western suburbs on roads which range from 40km up to 80km , Lauren emphasises her training on vehicle control sustainable to adapt to the rigorous roads of the west and the safe driving sequences necessary to keep safe at higher speeds. Her clients love her and her first time test pass rate is amazing in the Werribee and Melton Vicroads centres. Lauren was also chosen from AAMI insurance in 2016 to take part in a monumental case study concerning learner drivers and how they will cope using a digital logbook which was a great success.