Should you indicate at a roundabout in Melbourne?

A common question drivers on Melbourne roads have is:

  1. Do I have to indicate when driving straight at a roundabout?
  2. Do I have to indicate when exiting a roundabout?

Unlike other states, Victorian road rules require you to indicate when turning left, right or when conducting a continuous right at a roundabout which can be likened to executing a U turn like turning action within a roundabout, which is essentially taking you back to the street that you entered the roundabout from.

Another way to explain this for all the GPS drivers out there is that you must indicate in the direction you are turning in when taking the 1st, 3rd and 4th exits at a roundabout. You are not required to indicate when taking the 2nd exit which is essentially continuing to drive straight on the same road.

It is also not required in Victoria and Melbourne to indicate when exiting the roundabout once you have entered it.  Most roundabouts in Victoria and Melbourne have 4 exits, however it is not uncommon to find 5 and possibly 6 exit roundabouts in many areas as well. In those cases, it is advised to use an exit indicator to limit the confusion to other drivers when choosing an exit.

A safe driving tip for all drivers when approaching a roundabout and prior to entering is to not only look at vehicles indicating to determine what exit they will take, more importantly it is essential that drivers pay attention to the direction the front wheels are heading in, along with the speed the vehicles are approaching at. This is a safer way to determining the true direction of the vehicle which is already inside the roundabout, and a great way to avoid unnecessary collisions. As you may already know, vehicles indicators cancel inside roundabouts due to the automated system indicator levers have if the turning action returns after passing a quarter way or so from the initial turning point it begun from.

Another great reason you should look at the wheel’s direction is simply because drivers change their mind more often than not inside the roundabouts to which direction they want to travel in.

It is the responsibility of the driver that has not entered the roundabout to give way to all the vehicles already in the roundabout with 1 exception for all Trams which are about to enter or are approaching at a close distance.

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By Alex