How old do I need to be to get my licence?

In order to get your Victorian drivers licence you must first get your learners permit and undertake driver training to prepare you to take a VicRoads drive test.

The minimum age to get a learner permit is 16 years. It is recommend to start as soon as possible as learner drivers under the age of 21 must complete 120 hours of supervised practice driving before taking the drive test. This includes 20 hours of night time driving. Learner drivers 21 and over must gain sufficient supervised driving experience to reach a point where the learner driver and their supervising driver feel they are ready to take the drive test.

Being a learner driver also brings special requirements which are part of Victoria road law. When driving, you must have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), you cannot use hands-free devices (in addition to mobile phones or other hand-held devices) and you cannot tow a trailer or another vehicle. However, there are no restrictions on speed for learner drivers but you must drive to the speed limits and road conditions like all other drivers.

It is advised not to carry additional passengers other than your supervising driver until you gain a good level of driving experience as it can easily lead to distraction, and lessons should be no longer than 2 hours with breaks included to avoid fatigue and to properly absorb what you learn and practice on the road.

Another aspect of starting to drive is ensuring you are mentally and emotionally ready to handle the operation of a motor vehicle on public roads. Consider also the maturity required to perform this task in different situations and conditions. There will be times when you may make a mistake while driving on your own and it may affect or delay others, and become personally stressful.

A driving instructor can best help you prepare for driving and will introduce you to driving in quiet areas before easing you into areas which have more activity such as main roads. This is an ongoing process which takes time so you should start your lessons before too late for what you plan to do when you gain your probationary driving licence.

A driving instructor is also a large wealth of knowledge about the road rules and you can ask them about what to do in different situations and get advice.

Time is also an important factory for when you plan to finish school and start working. Having your licence and being able to drive improves your chances of being employed and will also improve your social life.

Whether you are just starting out as a learner, have completed your log book hours, or are not required to do so, and feel ready to take the drive test, the best way to determine if you should take your test is by having a driving lesson with a professional driving instructor so they can see what skills and confidence level you have. This will also help identify any bad habits you may have picked up from your supervising driver(s).

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