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Recommended by 98% of students – 4.9/5



Kathy is just a superstar when it comes to learner training and overseas licence conversions. She is just wonderful in her approach with every student she has and is well known around the Heatherton and Frankston testing areas. She loves instructing because she finds it as she states “very rewarding when the job is completed” with all her students who love and admire her. Her reviews are constant and has received the status in our school of the ‘review queen’ winning every award given from our school for her reviews . We have asked her to tell us what she believes her secret is to delivering such good training and she always advises us the following”

The key is having a system in place where students can pick up the skills required to drive safely and pass the test, but most importantly using techniques that can adapt to the different learning abilities and requirements each individual student needs to achieve their goals . That comes with this very important method which I use with all my students and that is I listen to what they are experiencing and the hurdles they are facing”