Christmas time is near, so add the cheer to your loved ones and buy them the most thoughtful gift of all, driving lessons to get their licence !


Discount Packages


$190 5 X 45 minute lessons*

$235 5 X 60 minute lessons*

$370 10 X 45 minute lessons*

$470 10 X 60 minute lessons*


$195 5 x 45 minute lessons*

$390 10 x 45 minute lessons*

$245 5 x 60 minute lessons*

$490 10 x 60 minute lessons*

*Learner permit holders only  Image result for driving school L plates Please refer to all the Terms and Conditions for these discount packages below.

*Please read our T’s and C’s before purchasing


Express License Package (Auto and Manual/Weekends permitted)

$280 3 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

$370 5 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

$630 10 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

  • Conditions: One 60min lesson must be completed on the day of and just before the driving test unless otherwise agreed upon with/by instructor.
  • Weekends permitted.
  • Express licence packs exclude all Vic Roads fees.
  • Booking dates and times may vary to online booking form depending on instructors availability, confirmation of booking will be given once the instructor in your area has made contact with you.
  • Book pre-purchased packages through our online booking form quoting Order I.D. or call 1300 828 920.


Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Packs (Auto and Manual)

  1. $147 3 X 60 minute lessons
  2. $196 4 X 60 minute lessons
  3. $288 6 X 60 minute lessons
  4. $312 8 X 45 minute Log book starter pack
  5. $624 16 X 45 minute Deluxe Log book starter pack
  6. $190 1 hour lesson and driving test

Image result for new animation pictures$159 City drive pack 2 hours

Our expert trainers located in the CBD will help any driver gain the confidence needed to drive safely with high pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and learn to execute Hook turns and Tram turns with ease along with reverse parking and centre road parking in busy spots around the city. Full detailed report of the drive given at the end of the training session.

Defensive Driving Course

7. $295 Defensive Driving Course


Gift Voucher Conditions:

  1. Please note our terms and conditions before making your purchase to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.
  2. All Gift Vouchers including Defensive Driving courses are valid for 12 months after purchase date.
  3. For gift vouchers 1-5,  once activated they must be completed within 12 months.
  4. Vouchers are non-refundable,or changeable(manual or auto), and not transferable to another person.
  5. Unused vouchers cannot be refunded.
  6. Please treat vouchers like cash if lost we cannot replace, onus is on the recipient.
  7. Please pass on these terms & conditions to the recipient.