Ready to get your licence but need some final touches to get you through the driving test? Our Master trainers can help you! Call or book online today!

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$190 1 hour lesson and Driving Test

$280 3 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

$370 5 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

$630 10 x 60 minute lessons + Driving test

Terms and Conditions

  • One 60min lesson must be completed on the day of and just before the driving test unless otherwise agreed upon with/by instructor.
  • Weekend training permitted for express licence packs.
  • Express licence packs and Driving test exclude all Vic Roads fees.
  • Booking dates and times may vary to online booking form depending on instructors availability, confirmation of booking will be given once the instructor in your area has made contact with you.
  • Book pre-purchased packages through our online booking form quoting Order I.D. or call 1300 828 920.
  • Licence test guarantee does not apply to immediate terminations and failure from critical errors.
  • Must be able to pass a practice test with instructor before licence guarantee applies (guarantee valid for second test only).
  • No licence test guarantee on express licence packages.
  • Overseas licence holders must have all documents translated by the proper authorities and must have all identification with them on the day of the driving test, full fees will still apply if driving test is not conducted because of lack of documentation.