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Master Driving School Melbourne provides Driving Lessons with experienced instructors covering all of Metro Melbourne and suburbs.Book online now to receive your Free New Drivers Guide E-Book.

  • Over 20 years experience in the driver training industry
  • Male and Female driving instructors
  • Modern Automatic and Manual cars
  • Thousands of driving tests passed
  • Covering Metro Melbourne Suburbs and VicRoads testing locations
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Driving School Melbourne

Recommended by 98% of students – 4.9/5

Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School


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   Holly Macaulay rated us 5 out of 5!
   on Google Reviews a week ago

Would definitely recommend. I had some scheduling issues and needed a driving instructor last minute for my test and MDS was able to book me in with Harri literally the night before my test. Saved me from having to rebook in a months time! Harri was very friendly and I felt very comfortable driving with him, he kept a calm tone of voice the whole drive (which made me feel relaxed as I was very nervous for my test) and gave me very helpful pointers. Overall a very positive experience and I am very grateful for his help!

   Faux Infinity rated us 5 out of 5!
   on Google Reviews 3 weeks ago

Great Experience overall! I had Shane as my instructor and he was great. I already had semi okay driving experience, but had not driven actively in a while. Shane got me up to scratch and taught me a lot in our three lessons, he showed me everything to look out for and I easily passed my drivers test. If I had not of had lessons with Shane I am doubtful I would have passed first try.

   Endurance Chimhofu rated us 5 out of 5!
   on Google Reviews 7 months ago

Shane is a wonderful instructor. He taught me all the skills in a few lessons. I got my licence on first attempt. Very friendly and affordable lesson packages. I highly recommend him to all students with or without experience. Thank you MDS and Shane!!!

   Minh Quang Le rated us 5 out of 5!
   on Google Reviews a week ago

Ohhhh man where do I start... I wanted to personally thank Con the driving instructor for his exceptional teaching, patience as well as daily laughs and memorable moments! I am saying this, since I just passed my Ps test in Hobart, Tasmania with flying colours all thanks to Con for his high level of expertise in the driving industry. Con has always prepared me for the driving test from the 1st day by using the "assessors" language throughout our driving lessons. He always made sure I was aware of ALL the test drive routes around Broadmeadows and Coolaroo since we would practice religiously leading up to my test. I remember when I always would mix up RIGHT and LEFT indications due to the fact that I have taken a long break from driving in my 1st year of Uni in Melb. Con took the time to re-teach me in residential areas before I gained significant confidence to be on main roads and test routes! Con is the guy that would NEVER make you feel ashamed and/or nervous regardless of your age, gender and experience with driving! Instead, he will always look forward to seeing you. Hoping to give you an opportunity to always be the SAFEST and most CONFIDENT driver around every driving route and scenario! (around Broadmeadows "Coo-Coos" he often calls) He is always on time *always early and ready for my driving lessons. Con is always flexible with schedulling your lessons according to your work and uni *even though he only does work as a part-timer, clearly purely for passion for teaching rather than money compared to other 2 instructors I have experienced in Tasmania prior to Con! Apart from ALL of this, Con will always would like to get to know all of his students. He would always tell you funny moments and stories in the car with endless of laughter and relaxing drives *since I decided to have exceptionally long lessons 1.5 or 2h sessions per day that NEVER felt so long compared to other instructors that may not talk to you throughout the driving lessons! Personally, I believe that Con will NEVER dissapoint you and there is no amount of money that could replace someone like Con. p.s. I was more than happy to spend 40-50h hours with Con in a period of 1.5 months daily to gather up my confidence and hours in the Logbook to be able to drive with family at night and Con in the morning around Melb and Hobart. Con is way MORE than just an "old driving instructor", he will be your best instructor in Northern Suburbs who truly cares personally for his students i.e. he will not sleep in peace unless he knows that all of his students have passed their driving tests! Again, it's a long review I decided to write for Con (sincere apologies for EVERYONE reading this) but I wouldn't be able to cover all his attributes if I didn't write a whole essay about him here! Drive 🚗 Confidence Yours Sincerely, Adam

   Isabella Ellul rated us 5 out of 5!
   on Google Reviews a month ago

Sahra was a great driving instructor! She gave me the confidence to pass my drivers test. She was very patient and thorough with her instructions. I am very thankful for her dedication and support 🙂

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I was allocated Kathy as my driving instructor through Master Driving and I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor. She was always on time and professional and was always very clear in her instructions. Kathy made me feel very comfortable and helped me through some of my nerves whilst also providing various route alternatives to prepare me for my test. I definitely am grateful that she gave me that push to go for my test as I have delayed it way too long and now am walking away with my Ps in my hand and a smile on my face. Thanks Kathy

Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School

Peter Hyer

I’m lucky enough to have Neil as my instructor from Master Driving School. His teaching method is clear and patiently explaining to you until you will understand the right approach. Most of all, you’ll enjoy along the way with much fun that makes you comfortable during the lesson. Highly recommended him. Thanks mate! Cheers!


Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School

James Corteciano

A very big thanks to MDS and my instructor Nancy. I was able to succeed in my driving test in one go. Nancy has been really supportive and encouraging throughout my lessons. I could really feel the difference in my driving on the first day and after a few classes. I highly recommend MDS to anyone looking for the best driving learner experience.

Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School

Anjali Joseph

Had a lot of fun learning the road rules with Jason Tinker before my driving test. He’s an extremely competent instructor and I can safely say that I wouldn’t have passed my test without him! I highly recommend Jason and Master Driving School!

Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School

Jed Reed

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Driving Lessons Melbourne

Introducing the Master Driving School Experience

The road can be a frightening place, particularly when you’re just getting used to it for the first time. That’s why at Master Driving School, we guide you through each lesson with care and patience, ensuring that you feel completely comfortable during your training. At Master driving school, we pride ourselves with friendly instructors that can get you in the car most times within 7 days. With many years experience in the industry our driving school selects the best driving instructors that are highly skilled training many happy students all around Melbourne. Our driving school prides itself with our outstanding 5 star reviews from all our graduates and happy students in Melbourne. Master driving school expertise is in the professional driving lessons provided from our instructors who proudly deliver the training to all our wonderful students in our driving school.

Some of Our graduate Drivers

Affordable Access to The Open Road

At Master Driving School, we believe in giving safe drivers the key to the open road. We’re proud of the fact that our advanced driving instructors aren’t just doling out P-Plates, they’re actively making the roads of Melbourne a safer place for new and veteran drivers alike. Our instructors not only help you pass the driving test. The lessons focus on much more than just on the driving test. Safe driving skills are the pinnacle of the lessons focusing on correct use of the cars controls, steering techniques, road rule interpretation and clarifications, visual scanning techniques and much more. The driving test is also trained for at the appropriate time once a learner is ready to take on the task. All that, and you can choose the price package that suits your schedule, and your budget.

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Driving School Melbourne

We’ve researched our competitors to make sure that we never over-charge you for the moments you spend with your Master Driving School Instructor. With us, you’ll get a truly exceptional educational experience, without breaking the bank

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Master Driving School Melbourne Learn how to drive with our expert instructors, call us on 1300 828 920.

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The Freedom of the Open Road, in Your Hands

Our expert instructors are calm, collected, and ready to answer any questions you might have, so that every moment behind the wheel feels fun and enlightening, rather than overwhelming. You can rest assured that you’re working with a trusted team. Looking for cheap driving lessons is not what the focus with our driving school is meaning our instructors are more involved in what they are teaching and they tailor their lessons to suit every student’s needs. Professional driving lessons should not just focus on the driving test. Our instructors structure their professional driving lessons to train their students to learn to drive in a relatively short time but also to learn to drive during driving lessons that are well structured on quiet and busy roads using nearby suburbs to your location with male instructors and female instructors whether you are a new learner driver or hold an overseas licence looking to convert it to a Victorian licence.

Driving School Melbourne

Going for the first time to a driving school can be daunting, but you have nothing to fear with our driving school. At Master driving school, our professional instructors are expert trainers making you feel comfortable from the first time you sit in the car with them. What’s more, if you’re looking to save a little extra cash, our package deals will give you more lessons for less. All you need to do to sign up and start your education is choose the service on our website that best suits your need, complete the checkout form, and an instructor will be in touch to help organise a time for your very first lesson!

Driving School Melbourne

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Get Your Pass Faster with Package Deals

When you’re keen to unlock the power of your very own driving licence, you don’t want to sit around for weeks waiting for your next lesson. With the Master Driving School, you can conveniently book your lessons on times and days that suit your schedule, ensuring that you always have a new experience to look forward to. Here at Master Driving School our professional driving lessons will have you smiling from ear to ear, with our friendly instructors waiting to book you in for your first lesson. Our driving school has professional driving instructors who specialise in safe driving, driving test practice, slow speed manoeuvre practice including reverse parking, angle parking, 3 point turning and U turns. Our instructors will challenge you as you get more experience driving and take you to different types of roads including busy roads with traffic lights, busy roundabouts, complicated intersections, lane changing at lower and at higher speeds and much much more. Our driving school is always striving to engage in the latest most up to date car instruction systems and methods to ensure our students are trained to the highest level. Our instructors are professionally qualified trainers with Driving Instructor Authorities conduct driving lessons and driving tests in Melbourne.

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Highly Rated Melbourne Driving School

Recommended by 98% of students – 4.9/5


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The Ultimate solution for Melbourne drivers an innovative curriculum, experienced team of instructors, and bespoke approach. We’re here to work with you every step of the wat, to give you confidence and comfort on the road. Our very best instructors are on-hand to offer constant support, and our competitively-priced packages ensure you have everything you need to pass your test.

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Automatic Driving Lessons

Want to learn how to drive in a car that removes the complexity of gear changes. Our Automatic driving lessons are perfect for you. If you have your learner’s permit ready, you can book your instruction today for prices as low as:

  • Automatic 45-minute lesson: $55
  • Automatic 60-minute lesson: $68
  • Automatic 90-minute lesson: $110

We’re here to work with you every step of the way, with an education designed to give you confidence and comfort on the road. Our very best instructors are on-hand to offer constant support, and our competitively-priced packages ensure you have everything you need to pass your test.


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Manual Driving Lessons

Prefer to learn the traditional way? Manual driving lessons can equip you with the education you need to handle any make and model of car. Prices for the perfect experience start as low as:

  • Manual 45-minute lesson: $60
  • Manual 60-minute lesson: $75
  • Manual 90-minute lesson: $120

We’re here to work with you every step of the way, with an education designed to give you confidence and comfort on the road. Our very best instructors are on-hand to offer constant support, and our competitively-priced packages ensure you have everything you need to pass your test.


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